Saturday, October 1, 2016


Renae and Brad met each other on a BC Transit bus.  Every morning he would be making his way to work as Renae was on her way to her internship at the BC Legislature.  As Renae's internship was coming to an end, she realized she had to at least say hi.  After multiple glances and shy smiles, she made her way to his seat and introduced herself and they rest, some would say, is history ;)

There was so much to love about Renae and Brad's wedding day!  There was so much to love about them!  Renae got ready at the Parkside Hotel and Spa in Victoria with her bridesmaids as they sipped on champagne and toasted to the future bride.  

Renae and Brad, your wedding day has a piece of my heart...I'm so grateful I was able to be your wedding photographer.

Are these not the most gorgeous shoes you have ever seen?  They're from Le Chateau and they are absolutely perfect!

Beautiful flowers from Night Song Farm.

Renae was made extra stunning by the lovely Melanie Baird Makeup Artistry and Hunt and Gather Hair Company.

CLICK HERE to see more of Renae and Brad's wedding day, with music by Bensound.

Venue: Parkside Hotel and UBC Interfaith Chapel
Decor/Rentals: Decorate Victoria
Florist: Night Song Farm
Makeup: Melanie Baird Makeup Artistry
Hair: Hunt and Gather Hair Company
Bride's Attire: Lisa's Bridal
Groom's Attire: Joseph Abbound Custom from Moore's
Photography: Julie Jagt Photography


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  2. Wow!! What a stunning photography. Liked all the wedding photographs. It reminded me of my wedding where I hired a well-known Port Macquarie Photographer in city. He did amazing work by taking lovely pictures. Very impressed with his work.

  3. I think that this place is really suitable for any size of gathering. By the way, they offer a day care room with lots of toys for children. The food at New York wedding venues is always delicious and the service is always great. Also the view is absolutely amazing.

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