Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Remember that list I made a while back.  101 in 1001.  I can finally check something off!  Let's scratch this first one off together.  Scraaatchhh.  Ahh, that felt good.  Time to crack open that bubbly.

The other day I was at the camera shop and I was asking the owner, John, about film photography.  I was telling him about how I was thinking of getting into it and how expensive it is to even try when you're not even sure it's something you really want to get into.  Firstly, I just have to say how wonderful this guy is.  Like seriously.  He is super great.  Do you want to know what John did?  Well I'll tell you.  He went into the backroom to see if he had an old film camera lying around.  And he did.  And he gave it to me.  For free.  How amazing is that?!

And just to clarify, this isn't a standard point and shoot film camera ( I have plenty of those.)  It also isn't a professional camera (I have none of those.)  It's a prosumer camera.  The best of both worlds when starting something fresh and new.  In all honesty, I haven't shot anything with it yet.  It's a Canon and I want to wait to get a better lens -I have a Nikon so I can't use any I already have- before I attempt anything with it.  That being said, I am beyond excited!  Thank you John from Photo Tech foto source, I will love it and cherish it forever.

If you can take anything away from what I've said, I'd want it to be this: Set goals and make them come to fruition.  This one happened with the simple act of talking with someone.  Put yourself out there, you never know what can happen.

Keep making your dreams come to reality.  You're worth it.

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