Monday, July 13, 2015


Let me start off by saying I am in no way getting married anytime soon...buuuuut, big plans, such as let's say, getting Sir Elton John to sing at your wedding, require lots of time to plan.

When I first brought the idea to my best friend, Brock, instead of laughing in my face like everyone else, we locked eyes as he told me very seriously We're going to make this happen.  And if we can't make it, I'll just dress up like him and take his place, he added.  Now that's a true friend right there.  Willing to dig deep into my creepy EJ fandom and make this dream become reality.  And I am very pleased to add that when I visited Brock a couple of weeks ago, he informed me that we finally have a connection with the the one and only.  Whaaaa?!  Turns out Brock became friends with this guy who dated a guy who was Elton John's manager!!  Or something like that.  I was too excited to be listening AND remembering everything he was saying at the same time.  But all that matters is that we've found an in.  BOO-YAH, BABY!

In light of this wonderful, fantastic news, I thought I'd share with you my top 5 reasons why I want Elton John to sing at my wedding:

No. 01.   He's Elton Freaking John.

No. 02.   He was knighted by the Queen.  THE QUEEN.  Like helllllo!! 

No. 03.   This.  'Nuff said.

No. 04.   His great fashion sense.  Anyone who can rock feathers like that gets and A+ in my books.  And that headpiece tho.

No. 05.   He's very good friends with my homegirl, Lady Gaga, and perhaps maybe they will come together and sing me a surprise duet.  I think that would be very nice of them.

...And then I would die.  But I would die happily.

Happy Monday!

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