Friday, October 23, 2015

101 IN 1001 UPDATE : PART I

Do you remember that list I started a while back...101 in 1001?  As I've been checking things off the list mentally, I haven't been keeping up with one of the items I said I would: blog as I go.  There are eight, dare I say it again, EIGHT things that I have checked off throughout the year so I've decided to make this a two parter blog post instead of one big one.  So here are the first four checkmarks I've made:

First on off the list, #3, second shoot a wedding.  Wanting to jump full steam ahead into wedding photography was high on my priority list, but not without some practice first.  I reached out to local wedding photographers here on Vanvouver Island and came across Adina from Wren and Rook Photography and she was oh so kind as to letting me join her on most of her weddings this year.  I seriously cannot thank her enough!  To date we have shot 12 weddings together, with the next one being in November and I certainally hope it's not the last!  You can find the blog post to the second time we shot together here.

After gaining some experience shooting weddings, it was finally time to book one of my own and that brings us to #4.  I met Ciana and Travis through a friend of my sisters and I couldn't have been more happy.  They have since then became not only great clients, but even better friends.  I shot their wedding way back in May and you can see their wedding here.  And a short month later, to my surprise, I booked my second wedding.  You can see Samantha + Alex's wedding here :)

Another thing that was pretty exciting for me, I finally purchased the Replichrome lightroom presets by Totally Rad Actions, number 17.  I wrote a more in depth post about them which you can find here, but in short, they are the bee's knees.  They've made my workflow more efficient and my photos more consistent.  

And the last one for today, #20: make friends with a stranger.  Or shall I say stangerS.  Back in April, I had the absolute joy of attending the Canada Photo Convention in Vancouver.  It was probably the funnest three days of my life.  I purposefully went alone to meet new friends and boy did I ever.  Being surrounded by so many driven and like-minded people for three days straight is nothing short of amazing.  You can read a bit about my adventures here and below is a photo one of my good friends (no longer a stranger) took of me while at CPC.  Hi Sherrie!!  You can see more of her work here :)

 That's it for today my people!  Be sure to stop by next week for part ii!  Happy Friday!

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