Thursday, June 11, 2015


They were introduced by friends some seven years ago, at a bar nonetheless.  Alex seen Samantha from across the room and it was like one of those movie moments where the whole room is dark with just a single spotlight on the girl.  There was just something special about that girl and he was prepared to do whatever it took to win her over.  anything.

At the time, Samantha was not interested in having a boyfriend and ignored his displays of affection.  Out of the blue he would send her gifts - flowers, chocolates, dinner invitations...the list goes on.  These displays of affection continued on for a year.  It was somewhere in that one year mark Samantha finally gave Alex the shot he'd been waiting for and they went on their first date...and the rest, they say, is history.  They have been inseparable ever since.  In the six years they have been dating, they haven't gone a single day without talking to one another - which just goes to show all Alex's hard work eventually paid off ;)

Samantha and Alex will be saying their I do's in front of close family and friends at the Shiprwrecks in Royston later this month and I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a part of their special day.  They are simply fun, sweet and amazing!  I had the best time at their engagement session, I can only imagine how wonderfully amazing their wedding day will be.

They decided to have their session around their home in Comox which has a beautiful back field accompanied by a nearby park and beach.  We have been blessed with a beautifully sunny June, but the two days before the shoot was nothing but dark clouds, rain and wind.  I kept my fingers crossed for somewhat decent weather for the day and the heavens blessed us with one killer day.  The air was warm and the sun was golden and everything around us was pure perfection.

These are a few of my favourites...

We started in a field just behind their house.  She even brought her bike...with a basket.  Love her!

After a quick outfit change, we made our way to a park just down the road.

Alex is a mechanic, so it was no surprise when he brought this '67 Chevy along for the shoot.

Samantha, you are FIERCE.

Alex was a little reluctant with my posing ideas, but I think he secretly liked it ;)

Samantha and Alex are planning their wedding in just three short months and Samantha forgot her ring was in getting fitted when we booked the engagement session.  Not wanting to re-schedule, she bought a couple fake rings for pictures...she saved the biggest one for last.  A girl can dream...

We ended the session on the beach, because, well...why not?  And these two looked perfectly adorable doing it.

This is my favourite photo from their engagement session, so I'll end on this lovely note...

To see more of Samantha and Alex's engagement photos,  CLICK HERE for a slideshow with Shaylee  & Scott music provided by The Music Bed!

Happy Thursday!

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