Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Whoa!  A lot has happened in these past couple of weeks and I'm slowly finding myself playing catch-up with all that needs to be done.  Emails.  Weddings.  Editing.  Lately I feel like the more I've been checking off my list, the more that has been added on.  However, slowly but surely, everything has been coming together like a fresh baked pie.

June was a busy month for me.  I had a meeting with my mentor and friend, Adina and a surprise visit from my brother who I haven't seen in close to two years.  Shortly after that, my mom made her way onto the island for a quick little visit.  I had an engagement session and two weddings (one my own and the other I second shot with Wren and Rook Photography).  Among countless other musings to keep me occupied throughout the rest of the year.  

Anyways, I think it's time for a shower and a little bit of Doctor Who before I tuck myself in for the night.  I just started watching it about a week and a half ago and I am totally addicted.  This is why I try to stay away from Netflix...once I get into a show it is so hard for me to stop watching when I have the next episode at the touch of my fingertips.  siiigh.  

C'est le vie.

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