Monday, January 19, 2015


I woke up with the worst headache.  My hair was a mess.  And I had little time to get ready.  A photographer friend had decided to meet up with me on short notice, so I got ready as fast as I could, and out the door I was.  After coming home, I looked in the mirror and was surprised she even sat with me!  My hair was an even BIGGER mess than I thought, my clothes were far from matching, and I realized, I definitely can't get away that five minute make-up look everyone is raving about these days.  

I met Nycky-jay of BlueTree Photography about a week ago, and as nervous as I was, she made me feel completely comfortable- like we'd been friends forever (even though I looked like a mess and shouldn't have even stepped foot outside the door!)  We talked about all sorts of things from our love of coffee and cozy sweaters to the more technical/business side of things with tips and loving advice.  I talked to her about my fears and tribulations of going into the business, and she told me something I'll never forget:

"I look back now and I think, why didn't I do that sooner.  If you know this is what you want, don't wait until you think the time is right.  Don't hesitate.  Just do it."

This hit me like a ton of bricks.  She was just as scared as I am right now, and look at all she has accomplished.  There were so many things I knew I had to do but I was cautious in taking that leap.  I was hesitating.  I was lacking faith within myself, and she took that half step for me and restored the faith within myself I thought was long gone.  With that, I came home with a completely new mind-set.  I sent out all the emails I was too afraid to send out.  I started the process of building my own website (!!!).  I started creating friendships with the fellow photogs in my area.  I signed up for The School Sessions, which if you haven't checked out by now, I'm telling you now- DO IT.

I've noticed that in the short time I have changed my attitude and outlook on the situation, more good things have been coming my way.  New opportunities.  New experiences.  Building that path that leads to your own success.  Don't hesitate.  Just remember to look at yourself in the mirror before you walk out the door!

Happy Monday! xo

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