Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Life gets busy, I get it.  We keep pushing things aside, saying I'll get to it later...  Not now I'm busy... Maybe next time...and before we know it, we've left out the things that really matter.  Our friendships.  It's important to not just take time, but make time for our family and friends.  Live in the moment.  It not only lifts your spirits, but it makes you more productive (me any ways) 'cause  be there will be one less thing nagging you in the back of your mind.

My friend came home from university over the holidays.  Amidst all the business spent with family over the past two weeks, we managed to find time for dinner.  It was so nice to just take a break from it all and just be.  Our dinner turned into a four hour conversation.  As people came and went, we sat in our booth telling stories of our life, catching up with one another.  Most of that time was spent laughing - I'm sure the whole restaurant was annoyed with us (If you didn't know this already, my laugh is the most loud and obnoxious in all the land)

Before dinner, we managed to sneak in some time for pictures.  Obvs.  As you can see she has the most genuine spirit, and she is always smiling. 

Ashley, I wish you all the best with the new year.  With school, your family and friends.  May 2015 be filled with health and happiness as you continue to follow your dreams. xo

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